-=Griergames.net 2 Server=-

-=Griergames.net 2 Server=-

Postby iSpin » Sun Mar 17, 2019 6:18 pm

-=Griefergames.net 2=-
Hello, we are the server team of the Griefergames.net 2 server!

We try to get many nice players on the server to have fun there! There are English but also German players on the way!

Host: combo
Co-Owner: Spin
Boss-Moderator: Ri33
Moderator: Sirius
Builder: /

1.No Dating
2.No Hacking
3.No insults
4.No Griefing
5.No account trading
6.No Roleplay
7.Dont Drop Items at the Spawn!
8.No Asking for any Privs
9.No ads for other Servers or Similar
10.No Spam
11.Dont try to Crash the Server!
12.Dont Kill other Players at the Spawn!

Adress: nilsgames.ddns.net
Port: 30001
we Hope you will give the Server a Chance, Have fun!
Your Server-Team!
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