[Server] Danek Server

[Server] Danek Server

Postby tihoho » Sat Mar 30, 2019 8:51 pm


Hey all.


I'm Alex, from Russia. I 30 years old. I don't speak English very well. Therefore, I apologize for the obvious mistakes in the text. In most cases (as it is now) I use Google Translate. We are playing in minetest with our son. For him, this server and created.

I made a small path with obstacles. you might like it. For those who first reach the finish line - I will give $1 USD. Yes, this is a ridiculous amount, but are we just having fun? :)

After the first winner, the marathon will start again. Until I run out of money :)

0. At the finish line you will find the code that will need to be sent to me in Telegram (t.me/tihoho), or in private messages on this forum. Detailed instructions you will find at the finish.
1. The server’s IP address may change, so it’s best to look for it by name: "Danek Server". The name will remain unchanged.
2. Do not scold me if the route seems too complicated. I passed it myself before publishing this post. It took me about an hour and 3 attempts.
3. Perhaps you will not like the server, but still if there are a lot of people on it, the server configuration may not cope. In this case, it will fall, and it will take me some time to adjust its capabilities.
4. I will periodically monitor this topic and answer your questions if they appear.
5. If you like this idea - I will do a few levels.

With respect to You and Minetest,
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Re: [Server] Danek Server

Postby Festus1965 » Sun Mar 31, 2019 12:58 am

voted no,
as money never good ! - better try an list of gamer (here or in game) did it fast (take care about IPs)

How sure safe against cheats to speed up ?
How are the differences in speed and accuracy for gamer join with high ping ? (guess I would have RTT/ping +300)
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