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Postby bell07 » Thu Mar 14, 2019 12:46 pm

Wuzzy wrote:I can't take an inventory mod serious if it still doesn't support listrings in 2018.

Wuzzy wrote:
@Wuzzy did you meant this listring? Please be more specific with improvement proposals then "I can't take serious". I did not understand what should work to be serious.

The word “listring” is unambigious and perfectly clear, well-defined and documented in lua_api.txt. Your ignorance of the official documentation is not my fault.
Anyway, since listrings are now in the mod, maybe I can take it serious now. I haven't really checked it out, maybe I will come back to it later. Or not. I don't know.

Your feature request was unambigious. I did not understand which lists should be connected trough the listrings. The Smart Inventory does use buttons instead of list for creative, therefore I missed the use case.
But anyway, at some point after 2 weeks (Juni 2018) I came to it myself that the connection for player inventory and crafting grid may be useful. The 2 lines code may would be faster if you write constructive instead of offending
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