Weird .mts schematic transcoder

Weird .mts schematic transcoder

Postby Oil_boi » Wed Apr 03, 2019 2:17 pm

So I was messing around and I couldn't figure out how to load schematics in with different nodes and the utilities available were kind of perplexing so I made this stupid little transcoder so you can edit the mod names/nodes with atom-ide or whatever. It saves it in the world's mod storage file, you're gonna have to replace the \n\t\t stuff with blanks and do a lot of editing. If anyone has a better way to do this plz tell me.

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--[[stupid transcoder thing
local test = minetest.register_schematic(minetest.get_modpath("schematics") .. "/schematics/classic.mts")

local transcoded = minetest.serialize_schematic(test, "lua", "")

local mod_storage = minetest.get_mod_storage()

mod_storage:set_string("schem", transcoded)
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Re: Weird .mts schematic transcoder

Postby Sokomine » Wed Apr 03, 2019 4:14 pm

If you want to change materials in MT schematics, you might as well take a look at my hanle_schematics mod. Once you select a schematic, it offers you a list of nodes found in that schematic. If you click on one, you can replace it with another material.
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