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Re: [Game] SkyFactory [0.2.1a]

Postby isaiah658 » Mon Jan 07, 2019 2:12 am

Just wanted to mention that I also have a sky factory type sub game that I've been working on. I sort of stopped for quite awhile, but I'm going to work on it more. They way I handled the quest book was to use images instead of formspec text. It has a linear progression that helps vaguely guide you through most of the game. Once I have more made, I'll post it and you can take a look at it. It might be better to use something like that instead of the formspec fonts and stuff. I also have some other useful sky factory tools, such as the builders wand. You can defiantly look at what I've done and maybe use it as inspiration. Of course, different ideas for how to progress in sky factory games is what makes each of them unique.
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Re: [Game] SkyFactory [0.2.1a]

Postby Ganome » Sat Mar 16, 2019 3:02 pm

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I can't get the quest node to show up in the center of the island. when I complete a quest, it says I have completed it. But I have no way of tracking what quest I'm currently on or what I have finished. I am running version 5 of minetest, is that the problem?

Disdregard: I Cloned all the mods individually from your GitHub, and copied over the missing ones (that were removed such as fluid_lib) from your download link. After compiling it all manually. I dont have some stupid "?" block!! I get a convenient book!

Second Edit: My quests are working great now. But island generation is not working. One initial island formed, when i joined to test it, but when i had my kids join to play, they were both stuck in my island with me. Currently i have used Worldedit to copy the start island over. Looking at "sky_islands.lua", I can see it using the local create_player_spawn = function(player)
local spawn = get_empty_spawn()
player:get_meta():set_string("sky_islands_spawn", minetest.serialize(spawn))

sky_islands.players[player:get_player_name()] = {
spawn = spawn

So it is supposed to create a new isl;and for every new player - i think?? Please help
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