Need some help or documentation with player models

Need some help or documentation with player models

Postby Worldblender » Tue Apr 16, 2019 6:29 am

Last month, I mentioned about that I want to create a mod that will allow for easier changing of player models (tentatively to be named chchar, giving homage to Unix command names). I found out that the files and are the best helpers to help me realize my mod. However, I'm getting stuck at the two functions:
  • How to register new models - what parameters am I supposed to pass (from init.lua) (it has to search in a directory for models and register all of them)
    Code: Select all
    -- Default player appearance
    player_api.register_model("character.b3d", {
       animation_speed = 30,
       textures = {"character.png", },
       animations = {
          -- Standard animations.
          stand     = {x = 0,   y = 79},
          lay       = {x = 162, y = 166},
          walk      = {x = 168, y = 187},
          mine      = {x = 189, y = 198},
          walk_mine = {x = 200, y = 219},
          sit       = {x = 81,  y = 160},
       collisionbox = {-0.3, 0.0, -0.3, 0.3, 1.7, 0.3},
       stepheight = 0.6,
       eye_height = 1.47,
  • Where to apply actions based on events - I can override the existing function if needed (from api.lua) (I want characters to be more dynamic if they have animations, otherwise fallback on other code if they don't exist)
    Code: Select all
    -- Check each player and apply animations
       for _, player in pairs(minetest.get_connected_players()) do
          local name = player:get_player_name()
          local model_name = player_model[name]
          local model = model_name and models[model_name]
          if model and not player_attached[name] then
             local controls = player:get_player_control()
             local walking = false
             local animation_speed_mod = model.animation_speed or 30

             -- Determine if the player is walking
             if controls.up or controls.down or controls.left or controls.right then
                walking = true

             -- Determine if the player is sneaking, and reduce animation speed if so
             if controls.sneak then
                animation_speed_mod = animation_speed_mod / 2

             -- Apply animations based on what the player is doing
             if player:get_hp() == 0 then
                player_set_animation(player, "lay")
             elseif walking then
                if player_sneak[name] ~= controls.sneak then
                   player_anim[name] = nil
                   player_sneak[name] = controls.sneak
                if controls.LMB then
                   player_set_animation(player, "walk_mine", animation_speed_mod)
                   player_set_animation(player, "walk", animation_speed_mod)
             elseif controls.LMB then
                player_set_animation(player, "mine")
                player_set_animation(player, "stand", animation_speed_mod)
Other things, I think I can figure it out on my own, given enough time. If I run into any further trouble, I'll ask again later.
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