Active Block Modifiers

Active Block Modifiers

Postby Phoenixflo44 » Tue Mar 19, 2019 7:37 pm

Slowly it really Excites me. Constantly my PC hangs up because of this Shit. I just start my World and when I'm urgent comes this active block stuff and lets my Computer Stutter. Back then I was still in server mode but when that upset me, I switched to the Single Player. But what I don't understand is: What does the Server do with my Single Player. I Play alone and not with anyone together. Even there, this Message is still and it also hangs up my PC as soon as you enter the World. For example, you can't switch this off so that I can play in peace. So I really don't have any Fun.

A little Insight into what's coming:

+ error

I have these 18908 Milliseconds for the first time.
At that time I was still able to play and only after a longer time I have to reload the World so that the PC does not hang up. So I can't continue to build Phoenix City and not recreate the Mod that had violated the Licenses.

And if someone is Interested in my Settings:

+ my Settings
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Re: Active Block Modifiers

Postby paramat » Tue Mar 19, 2019 11:51 pm

What mods are you using? I see you are using 'sea plants', i think that may have some very intensive ABMs. Try disabling one mod at a time to find the cause.
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Re: Active Block Modifiers

Postby Festus1965 » Wed Mar 20, 2019 12:20 am

when in game as admin, or similar, try
Code: Select all
/profiler save
then check that result file and search for high values n the LAST row, on main Mod lines.

for Example
Code: Select all
  - on_leaveplayer[1] .................................  |         1 |         3 |         2 |   0.0 |   0.1 |   0.0
  - globalstep[2] .....................................  |         1 |      3990 |         3 |   0.0 |  56.5 |   0.2
 pipeworks:                                              |        48 |    307417 |      1926 |   0.0 |  99.9 |  75.5
  - on_activate[1] ....................................  |         1 |        56 |         1 |   0.0 |   1.4 |   0.1
  - globalstep[2] .....................................  |        42 |    159614 |       145 |   0.0 |  99.1 |   5.0
you need to find the lines without leading - (dash) and look for the 3-5 highest numbers,
in this case here [Mod] pipeworks used 75.5 of all cpu consumption. The lines with the dash under, tell you what part inside the [Mod] was responsible for it.

Also you should see, at what time distances (time stamp at warning) this happen, as if after 10, 20 or 30 seconds it is a hint to recognise the line of code, and repeating distance of cousing part.

Code: Select all
interval = x
as this code runs after x seconds.

By this you might be able to identify and maybe change this a bit, by deactivation this [Mod] or change interval and change to less often acting, but higher chance, so that IF that is runs, it runs with a positive result.

Code: Select all
interval = 10
chance = 10
can be set to
Code: Select all
interval = 100
chance = 1
as if after every 10 seconds with chance 10, mean 10% that it will be done, i changed often to interval 100 seconds, but when called then, sure it will be done. So when it takes you time, then make sure it does something positive, and not 9 times just check if lucky.

So far my understanding of this two values.
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