AraeStore() modifiying the data value

AraeStore() modifiying the data value

Postby Downad » Thu Apr 04, 2019 4:51 pm

i hope that this is the correct threat...
if i use the the AreaStore() in my mod, i can insert_area(edge1, edge2, data).
now i will change the data.
Is there an easy way to do something like
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change_area_data_by_id(id, new_data_string)

actuall i read all value and create an new area with the new values and remove tzhe old area.
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local values = store:get_area(id, true,true) = "NEW DATA"
store:insert_area(value.pos1, value.pos2,

By this i get an 'nil' - error that must controled if i loop my areas
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while store:get_area(counter) do
counter = counter +1

this while - stops at my removed ID.
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