How to create animated 3D models with Blender 2.80

How to create animated 3D models with Blender 2.80

Postby Worldblender » Tue Apr 16, 2019 6:01 am

Currently, to create animated models, I know that I should use However, I would like to take advantage of all the new features appearing in Blender 2.80, such as the new rendering engine EEVEE replacing Blender Render. Unfortunately, 2.80 will make addons like that B3D exporter script incompatible unless they are ported over, which I kind of can help out with if needed. The other alternative is that I can use a different format that is supported by both the Irrlicht engine and 2.80.
Although I'm gaining experience in writing Python scripts, I don't want to deviate too much from what the Minetest developers have in mind when that script and possibly the player model at finally have to be ported to 2.80, but I can help with porting them where needed. I might also want to know how much the workflow will change when using EEVEE. If the script can't be ported at all, we will be stuck with 2.79 in order to 3D animated models for mobs and the player.
Note that I'm not concerned about static models that don't need animation, such as those for voxel nodes, as the scripts for creating them are likely to have already been ported (like Collada (DAE), OBJ, PLY, STL).
My primary experience originates from, the first time I ever wrote a full-fledged Blender addon (actually an enhanced rewrite of a MAXScript), so that's why I even mention of possibility of offering help.
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Re: How to create animated 3D models with Blender 2.80

Postby GreenDimond » Tue Apr 16, 2019 3:06 pm

Porting the exporter is likely a very simple task. In the mean time though, if you really must use 2.8, you can export as .x instead of .b3d.
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