[Mod] Crafting Guide Plus [cg_plus]

[Mod] Crafting Guide Plus [cg_plus]

Postby random_geek » Thu Mar 21, 2019 4:16 am

Crafting Guide Plus


Crafting Guide Plus is a simple and intuitive crafting guide and auto-crafting mod for Minetest. CGP is compatible with Minetest Game and any other games that use sfinv. It was built mostly from the ground up, with some inspiration from jp's mod as well as Unified Inventory.


  • "Intelligent" auto-crafting, or rather, automatic craft staging. Up to 1000 multiples of a recipe can be staged at a time, depending on stack sizes. This feature can be disabled if it is not wanted.
  • Group support for auto-crafting and craft previews, including group search and support for craft recipes requiring items in multiple groups.
  • Shaped and shapeless crafting recipe previews of any size (theoretically).
  • Fuel and cooking recipes, including fuel replacements and burning/cooking times.
  • Digging and digging by chance (item drop) previews.

Known issues:

  • The auto-crafting algorithm is not perfect. For craft recipes requiring items in a group, only the item with the greatest count from the player's inventory will be utilized.
  • Items in multiple groups will not always display correctly in craft view.

There are probably many more bugs, so please report them on GitHub if you find any.

GitHub: https://github.com/random-geek/cg_plus
Download: https://github.com/random-geek/cg_plus/ ... master.zip
License: LGPL v3.0
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Re: [Mod] Crafting Guide Plus [cg_plus]

Postby Lone_Wolf » Thu Mar 21, 2019 4:28 pm

Looks promising :P
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