[Mod] stop_lj_oom 1.1 (31.03.2019) (rewritten fork)

[Mod] stop_lj_oom 1.1 (31.03.2019) (rewritten fork)

Postby Festus1965 » Sun Mar 31, 2019 6:40 am

[Mod] stop_lj_oom

Version: 1.1
- rewritten fork (31.01.2016)? from old same name mod, but changed to minetest.after with less lag + reporting

last update: 31.03.2019

no dependencies

tested on mts 5.0.0, but there is nothing used, should also run under 0.4.x

Licence: LGPL v3.0

Download / Source at: https://github.com/Minetest-One/stop_lj_oom

What does it:
* automatic watch the amount of used lua memory but
: new with using minetest.after instead of globalstep (reducing lag) as less looptime, not every second
: also reporting from what using is was freed to in KB
: report on loading set time and maxmem

start on test-server (5.0.0)
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[Mod] stop_lj_oom settings: 60 sec / warn: 2500 KB
[Mod] stop_lj_oom (1.10 29.03.2019) - loaded - end mem : 381 KB

start on main server (5.0.0)
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 - no -
I use free_lj_mem
and test when running, depends on destination
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or the warning in minetest.log
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or at terminal / chat to player
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... report issues here
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